Is steam idle master safe

I heard about this program that collects cards that you dont have collected yet, and have the right to collect. Help and Tips – Steam CommunitypostăriDec 2015Mai multe rezultate de la steamcommunity. Pagini similareTraducerea acestei paginiapr.

I am someone that is pretty save with my PC, with that said can I trust this program? Please be honest, will I be at risk of viruses or other bad . Idle Master won’t steal your Steam account details or anything shady. I wouldn’t have made the program in the first place. I think the question was here multiple times but I will ask again. I’m thinking about using the steam idle master to get drops.

Steam Guard protection, which would indeed make them less safe . Yes it is safe, but to be sure do not enter any VAC secured servers . Is it really that much trouble to look at the card drop page and launch games with drops remaining? Don’t let some random program do things . Iun 2015Mai multe rezultate de la forums. Pagini similareTraducerea acestei paginiian.

Idle Master is a free program for Steam that gets you trading card.