Plaser qf1000 price

We can offer you the right cleaning solution with laser light. P-Laser makes just such a tool, the QF-100 and the are pretty impressive. According to the company, the laser works by aiming high . This amazing device is called the P-Laser QF-1000. RT that a low-power QF-5 with only watts of muscle, costs 48Euro, or more . The CleanLASER CL 10delivers amazing performance with 10Watts of average laser power.

Find More Machine Centre Information about Portable P Laser QF 1laser clean machine 100W for de rusting metal refurbishing mobile clearing.

Le combat des titans – Un laser hallucinant ! P-Laser is an international supplier of laser cleaning equipment. High Power laser cleaning with the P-Laser QF-1000! I’m almost willing to bet they’re out of my price range. Looking at everything between 1and 10watts. However, few are as awesome as using the P-laser QF-1000.

Portable laser cleaner created by Belgian company P-Laser promises to. A 000-watt laser blasting rust off of pipes is absolutely mesmerizing. Laser cleaning is both a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to .